Meeting Minutes

2017 March 27th

This Special General Membership Meeting was held on Monday morning, the 27th of March 2017 at Rhodes Grove Camp, beginning at 10:15 AM.

President Michael Mudge called the meeting to order and opened with prayer.

Roll Call.

Present Members

Michael Dittman            Melvin Burkholder            Cosette Harman            Kristi Davis
Keith Elliot                      Glen Gochenauer                David Grove                  Gregory Helman
Milt Herrold                   Ken Hoover                          Brent Lietchy                Christopher Little V
Craig Loewen                 Angela Monn                       Michael Mudge             Rhonda Mudge
Art Page                          Frances Ramer                    David Rawley                Doug Sandman
Ray Seilhammer            Marvin Shubert                   Marc Stephenson          Derek Thrush
Kenneth Williamson     Tim Wolff                               Mark Young


Present Attendees

Dr. Anthony Blair                              David Blubaugh                                Skip Bowen                                   Jody Bowser
Scott Budde                                       Paul Dunbar                                       Karen Dunbar                              William Flamer
Mary Flamer                                      Daryl Kissinger                                 Christi Mong                                Harold Myers
Lynn Newbraugh                             Joy Sider                                              Michael Strine                             John Stuart
Mark Webb

Absentee Ballots Received

Jeff Bleijerveld                                   Steve Dennie                                      Judy Dyer                                      Todd Fetters
Jana Gass                                           Marci Hammel                                  Michelle Harris                            David Kline
Cathy Reich                                        Jane Seely                                           Frank Yang
Brandon Groff                                  John Plumley                                     Mark Wilson                                Dee Wright
Joan LaClair
Dennis Sites

Total Member Attendance = 44



Michael Mudge appointed Christopher Little V and Keith Elliot to pass out the ballots.

Insurance Report.

Joy Sider gave her summary of insurance. Group Health Plans for Associations are rarely allowed. The Capital Blue Cross plan in existence is a grandfathered Association plan.

This type of plan is no longer available if you are coming in new and most companies will not quote or offer coverage for Association plans. This limits choices available through our present carrier CBC.  However, the current health options with the present UB association plan, have some of lowest deductibles and are very competitive in the market.

With all the changes to health coverage, the group product seems to be more stable than individual product.

Preparing for the Vote

Michael Mudge provided a summary of products offered by the association and clarified that anyone who is enrolled in any of our programs is a member of the association.

Quorum Statement

The present Constitution of the MidAtlantic Foundation for Church Multiplication under which we operate today states that “The eligible voting members present…shall constitute a quorum at any Annual or Special Meeting.” This means that there is no minimum number required to have a legitimate vote.

The proposed new Constitution requires ten percent of eligible voting member to constitute a quorum.

As of today, we have 68 organizational members, of which 12 have designated a representative to vote. We also have 143 individual members. Organizational and individual members combined give us a total of 211 eligible members with vote, requiring a minimum of 22 voters to constitute a quorum under the proposed Constitution.

For this meeting, we have 27 members present plus 17 Absentee Ballots in hand, for a total of 44 votes present for this meeting.

Marvin Shubert declared that we have a quorum present.

Michael Mudge read our purpose and opened the floor for any questions.

Michael reviewed the history of the Association, explaining that the old Constitution did not apply to the vision and role of the Association as it is today.

Members asked to vote

Cosette Harman, Crellin UB and Rhonda Mudge, Bethany House of the Lord were appointed by Michael Mudge to the board of tellers.

New Business.

  1. We are working on sending information to churches who are not yet a part of the Association.
  2. Recruitment of Board Members

We are currently in need of 3 more board members. Our goal is to have the positions filled and be ready for a vote at November’s U.B. Connected event, November 5-6, 2017.


Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned with a declaration by Michael Mudge that the vote taken was 44 yes and 0 no.