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United Brethren Association for Church Development

Annual General Membership Meeting

Sunday, November 5th, 2017


The Annual General Membership Meeting of the United Brethren Association for Church Development met at Rhodes Grove Camp on Sunday, November 5th, 2017, during the “U.B. Connected” event. The meeting followed a Missions Conference and supper and was called to order at 6:10 p.m. by Michael Mudge, President, who gave a brief historical review of the association.

Roll Call & Quorum.

Members Present = 19:

Jason Bakker             Jeff Bleijerveld                      David Dakin               Todd Fetters

Glen Gochenauer      Greg Helman                         Milt Herrold               Daryl Kissinger

Brent Leichty             Craig Loewen                         Michael Mudge          Rhonda Mudge

Arthur Page                David Rawley                         Cindy Rawley             Douglas Sandman

Ray Seilhamer           Marvin Shubert                     Derek Thrush


Also present were about forty others whose names were not recorded.

Treasurer Marvin Shubert reported that there are 66 organizational members of which 13 have designated voting representatives, and there are 137 individual members, for a total of 150 voting members in the association. A Quorum thus requires 16 voting members to be present, and there are 19 voting members present, so he declared that there is a Quorum.



The “U.B. Connected” booklet includes written reports by the President, Executive Director, and Insurance Agent. Michael Mudge as President and Angela Monn as Executive Director both made brief verbal highlights of their reports.

In addition, as Executive Director of Rhodes Grove Camp, Angie reported the following:

Day Camp was “taken on the road” to Harrisburg to Devonshire U.B. Church as a new venture this year, with 94 campers enrolled there; Angie’s vision is to have 5 or 6 locations next year. Campership Fund donations exceeded $21,000, and applications for scholarships were within $50 of that amount — a sign of God’s provision!

Conversions reported for the season are 89.

Capital Campaign launched in July 2014 had “audacious goals” and resulted to more than $391,000 raised towards debt reduction. This campaign also netted more than $45,000 of in-kind donations, including new carpet in the conference room, new HVAC units and a vehicle.


Michael Mudge added that these Capital Campaign results are a new fundraising record for Rhodes Grove Camp. He also emphasized that enrollment in the 11 camps over the 5 weeks of this 75th Anniversary season of summer camps totaled 531, the highest season enrollment since 2004; also our 50th Session of Family Camp reached a new record in attendance, with 331 registered for the weekend and well over 400 present for the Sunday evening session.

By motion, all reports were received with gratitude.



Michael Mudge noted that our Constitution specifies simply that we must elect two individuals to three-years terms each year, and it is an informal agreement of our Board that those two be a pastor and a lay person.

Ballots were distributed, and an opportunity was given for nominations from the floor; there being none, the ballot was declared closed.

Appointed tellers were Marty Helman of Blue Rock U.B. Church, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, and Mary Flamer of Park Layne U.B. Church, Dayton, Ohio.

Sixteen ballots were cast. Jason Bakker and Rhonda Mudge each received a write-in vote. Fifteen votes each were cast for John Christophel, pastor of Mount Olivet U.B. Church, Mount Solon, Virginia, and Fonda Cassidy, member of Jerusalem Chapel U.B., Churchville, Virginia, who were elected to new three-year-terms.



The meeting was adjourned at half past six and was followed immediately by the Sunday Evening


Worship and Communion celebration.


Respectfully Submitted,

David Rawley, Secretary