LTD/Life Only

$10,000 Group Term Life Insurance  ($5.25 per month)

Long Term Disability, 60% of total salary and housing, 6 month waiting period.

        In order to compute the cost of the Long Term Disability premium follow the steps below.

                1.  Add all taxable income (salary, housing,)
                2.  Multiply that total by 60% to determine the maximum annual benefit
                3.  Example:  40,000 total salary x 60% = 24,000 max benefit /12 = 2,000 = monthly benefit
                4.  Multiply the total of all taxable income by .233 per hundred to determine the annual premium
                5.  Example:   (40,000/100) x .233 = (400 x .233) = 93.20; 93.20 /12 = 7.77 monthly premium.


 Voluntary Coverages Based on Minister/Employee Election

       These premiums are to be paid on an after tax basis to avoid taxation of the benefits.

            A.  Group Term Life and AD&D Insurance in units of $10,000 up to $500,000 maximum. Spouse & children can also be added to this coverage.

            B.  Short Term Disability with a two week waiting period and a 6 month coverage period.


To enroll in LTD/Life Only please use the Dearborn Enrollment Form.

 Please mail or e-mail the completed form to:

UB Association for Church Development
7693 Brownsmill Road, Chambersburg, Pa 17202