Health Care and LTD/Life

We currently have 3 plans to choose from.

The plan options available are:

1.      Option A Gold PPO 500 is a Gold PPO 500 that is a $500 individual and $1000 per family deductible plan.  This plan renews with a few changes, of note: office visit copays increase by $5.   

Benefit Highlights A Gold PPO 500

2.     Option B Silver HSA 2250 is a Silver PPO HSA 2250 high deductible HSA plan which has a $2250 individual deductible; $4500 family deductible.  This plan presents an increase in personal and family deductible and the coverages and the copays for this plan are dramatically different than the current Silver PPO HSA 2000.  This plan is proposed because the name most closely matches what is currently offered; however, the coverages and copays are dramatically different.

Benefit Highlights B Silver HSA 2250

3.     Option C Gold PPO 1500 is a Gold PPO HSA 1500 that boasts a $1500 individual deductible and a $3000 family deductible. 

Benefit Highlights C Gold PPO HSA 1500


Dental and Vision coverage may be elected without the health plans.  


To enroll in Health Care and Life/LTD Insurance please use the Dearborn Enrollment Form and CapBlue Enrollment Info.


Please mail or e-mail the completed forms to:

UB Association for Church Development
7693 Brownsmill Road, Chambersburg, Pa 17202