Practices have now finished for Spring 2022 season

Everyone is welcome.

At Orca Youth Rugby all standards of players are welcome so whether you have experience in playing rugby or just want to come and try the game out everyone is welcome to come and join us.

The best way to learn about rugby is to come out and join us for a practice or two and check out what we do. Feel free to ask one of our many certified coaches or other parents there, why they let their kids brave the pitch, rain or shine. Regardless of prior experience, players will learn the fundamentals of passing, catching, running, kicking, and tackling. The fundamentals of rugby are terrific supplements to other sports and to the development of a players physical abilities.

Our Promise

Orca Youth Rugby is dedicated to promoting positivity and respect for all, while growing youth rugby players in a nurturing, safe and fun environment. We believe teamwork, communication and unity builds strength from the core. Our players will experience this on the fields with our dedicated Orca Coaches.

Teams for all ages

For the 2021/22 season we will are planning to have teams at across all available age groups include the introduction of a girls team. See available teams here.

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"If all I wanted to do was win, I’d find something I can play on my own. The real prize comes from the experience you get, and the time you spend learning to work well together with new friends. That is far more valuable than any gold medal or trophy I have ever seen." – Unkown

Depending on field availability we practice either in Camarillo, Newbury Park or Thousand Oaks all in and around Ventura County. Our practice schedules and locations are set up in advance so players know where to be and that there are no last minute surprise changes.

We play all of our home games at Monte Vista Middle School in Camarillo, Ventura County.

Qualified coaches

Orca Youth Rugby coaches are all volunteers.  Led by our Club Head Coach Robbie Flynn, each and every one of our coaches volunteers hundreds of hours each season to pass on their love of rugby to a new generation.

Safety first

We teach our players the skills and techniques that keep our sport safe and we never play if safety cannot be ensured (poor pitch, unsafe weather etc).


Playing rugby is one of the best experiences that a child can have.  Everyone plays, everyone contributes, everyone has fun.


Scores are created by the team, wins are celebrated by the team, and we support each other in everything we do.


Create a sense of respect for the game, the players, and the referee.  There is no tolerance for talking back to the referee or showing disrespect to other players.