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What is rugby?

Rugby was first played in England about 200 years ago, with the first formal laws drawn up at the Rugby School about 40 years later. The game was designed to teach the boys leadership and team work. It's now played by over 120 million men and women worldwide. Rugby, often referred to as the “father” of American football, is a fast, continuous moving game played by either 7 or 15 players per side in both contact and non-contact variants.

Rugby is played at a fast pace, with few stoppages and continuous possession changes. All players on the field, regardless of position, can run, pass, kick, and catch the ball. Likewise, all players must also be able to tackle and defend, making each position both offensive and defensive in nature. There is no blocking of opponents like in football and there are a maximum of seven substitutions allowed per team. A rugby match consists of two 40-minute halves (less as you move down the age groups) and is considered to be a gender equity sport as approximately 25 percent of all players in the U.S. are female.

New to rugby?

The World Rugby A beginners guide to Rugby Union is a great place to start. It covers everything from the history of rugby, to positions to why the referee blows his whistle.

What is rugby - Orca Youth Rugby

"Rugby is a game where working as a cohesive team is much more important than individual skill."

Benefits of rugby

Rugby also bring other benefits, such as:


Team skills

Social interaction

Communication skills


Health benefits of rugby

Rugby involves sprinting, tackling, pushing and kicking. Health benefits include:


Cardiovascular fitness and endurance

Strength in upper and lower body



Ball-handling and kicking skills