Orca board of directors

The board of directors is dedicated to providing our athletes and parents the highest quality youth rugby experience from novice through elite levels of play. We utilize the sport of rugby as a vehicle to grow strong, disciplined, young men and women with integrity in a family friendly environment.

  • President  -  Steve Stone (email)
  • Vice-president of athletics  -  Robbie Flynn (email)
  • Vice-president of operations  -  Nate Perkins (email)
  • Secretary  -  Shelley Vincent (email)
  • Treasurer  -  Clea Wood (email)
  • Treasurer  -  Leah Perkins (email)
  • Board member -  Andreas Wood
  • Board member  -  Dona Stone-Fuller
  • Board member  -  James Chan
  • Board member  -  Michael Dare

Orca chair

Our chair / volunteer positions are all volunteers that are responsible for running and developing elements of Orca Youth Rugby Club that allow it to be the family friendly club that it is. As and when we identify key roles we will be updating this list. We will be looking to fill these roles for the start of the 2021/22 season.

  • Fundraising chair
  • Head Team Parent
  • Merchandise chairs
  • School liaison
  • Sponsorship chair
  • Snack bar chair
  • Social chairs
  • Social night chair

Become a rugby volunteer

Love rugby but don’t want to get muddy? The work of rugby volunteers represent the very heart and soul of rugby and every rugby club needs volunteers behind the scenes to keep things running. Orca is no different.

Organized? Good with people? then why not see if you can help out. There are a host of roles available from helping at the snack bar to marking out fields before a game.

We're always looking parents to be involved and help grow our organization so if you are interested then email us at volunteer@orcayouthrugby.org and get involved!

If you would like to receive our Orca e-blasts containing information such as practice times, game information, events and any club news then please email us at info@orcayouthrugby.org and we will add you to our distribution list.