Practices have now finished for Spring 2022 season

Why Orca Youth Rugby?

In case you have not heard of rugby: It is the fastest growing sport in the USA, and Orca Youth Rugby is the home of youth rugby in Ventura County.

A game of character

Players are attracted to rugby because of its unique character-building values. Our sport is built upon the principles of camaraderie, fair play, respect and teamwork. Every player knows these principles are more important than winning or losing. From the earliest steps in our sport, players are taught the basics of playing fair, enjoying the game and respecting the officials and opponents alike. It's also the only sport in the world were all body types and skills are required to make a truly successful team.

Rugby is a game where passion, courage and above all - teamwork - will deliver a victory against the odds. Sounds a lot like life? Exactly!

Our vision

Our goal is to provide our parents and athletes the highest quality youth rugby experience from novice through elite levels of play utilizing the sport of rugby as a vehicle to grow strong, disciplined, integrity filled young men and women in a family friendly environment.

As a club, we strive to serve our community and are committed to promoting and sustaining the growth of rugby in the Ventura County area by providing the environment and structure to support rugby players and spectators of all ages.

Our values

Play tough

As a club and as individuals, we exhibit the highest levels of discipline, respect and competition both on the pitch and in our community.

Play safe

We promote our culture, processes and methods of coaching that maximize safety while engaging in an inherently physical sport.

Play together

We will embrace loyalty to club, family and community in a manner that includes those who share our values and others who do not to grow with us.

Orca Youth Rugby - Ventura County's Only All-Ages Youth Rugby Club

Rugby is not just about sport, it is about making life-long friends!

Orca philosophy

Orca Rugby is designed for beginners and everyone plays. Orca Rugby does not “cut” or drop players from the team, except for bad behavior. All we require is your good attitude and effort!

Orca Rugby limits team sizes to ensure no one “rides the bench,” to ensure that everyone gets close attention from coaching staff, and to allow each player to develop fully.

By law, Rugby keeps substitutions limited to a set number with set rules on how to sub.  It is a continuous game, with a stop briefly at half time. Therefore, some players inevitably will play more than others during any given game, but usually all players get at least a full half of of playing time in every game.  The Orca coaching staff ensures that every player is on the field every game, and attempts to even out total time on the field among players over the season.

While taking into consideration the individual’s preference for a particular position, the coaching staff will make the final decision on player positions, which may change game to game. It is important to know different positions and their skills; it makes a player versatile, enhances their game knowledge and performance, and gives the team more options if someone is absent or unable to play. From a coach and recruiter standpoint, a rugger that can play multiple positions is extremely valuable.

The following are examples (but not a complete list) of behavior that could lead to ejection from the team:  speaking to or about the referee; fighting with anyone; insulting anyone (including opposing players); possession or use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco at any time; or repeated unexcused absences from practices or games.

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