Our History

The Mid-Atlantic Foundation was established in 2002 within the Mid-Atlantic Conference of the United Brethren in Christ, USA.  Its initial purpose was to provide a consistent means of funding and support for those called to establish new church plants and restarts. With the dissolving of our Conference, we received, in trust, the remaining assets of the Conference along with the responsibility of maintaining the group insurance programs for our pastors.

On September 12, 2012, Bishop Whipple and Dr. Larry Reinertsen met to chart a new course for the MidAtlantic Foundation that will bring it more in line with the direction and need of the National Office of the United Brethren Church and our churches.  What had been a regional ministry of administering the Capital Blue Cross Health Plans for area pastors now needs to adapt to the changing conditions that will be coming with President Obama’s Health Care Reform plans.  We need to help our churches and our denomination prepare for the major upheaval and confusion that is sure to result from what is known as Obamacare.

The leadership of both the United Brethren Church and the Board of Directors of the Foundation agreed that our insurance programs would now be considered as the Voluntary Health Insurance Program of the United Brethren Church.  This coverage is provided by Capital Blue Cross and has proven to be excellent in both coverage and service.  Any questions you have can be directed to Angela Monn.

It was also decided that the name should be changed to the United Brethren Association for Church Development.  This will help to create the national identity that embraces the goal and mission of being a vital resource to all our churches.


Other Services:

• Continuing Education through the annual U.B. Connected and Ministry Leadership Resource Day events

• Fundraising for Rhodes Grove Camp & Conference Center and for the
UB Association through the annual Golf Tournament

• Fundraising for UB Global Mission, UB Connected Missions Conference