U.B. Connected

Sunday, November 4th & Monday,
November 5th, 2018

Join us on Sunday evening at 3:00 PM for a Missions Conference, more details below.

Dinner will be served at 5:00 PM. Worship with begin at 6:30 PM, Bishop Fetters will speak and we will end the service with Holy Communion.


Monday morning at 9:00 AM we will hear from Marc Stephenson, Mt. Olivet, Chambersburg PA and Keith Elliot, Criders UB Church, Chambersburg PA.


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Missions Conference 2018 Priorities

  1. $10,000 Thailand Community Center

Seven missionaries from China, Honduras, Hong Kong, and the United States are presently working to evangelize the majority Thai Buddhist people in our newest outreach sponsored by Hong Kong Conference and Canada and the U.S. working together through UBGlobal. We are nearing the completion of fundraising to construct a community center in Chiang Rai, Thailand, as a base-of-operations.

  1. $10,000 Train & Multiply for Pastors in Sierra Leone & Liberia

UBGlobal is attempting to arrange for trainers from One Missions Society (OMS) to go to Sierra Leone to offer training. If that cannot be arranged, the funds will be used to bring pastors to the OMS office in Greenwood, Indiana, for training. Whatever is arranged, these funds will be used

for pastoral leadership development.

  1. $ 5,000 Complete Remodeling of Secretariat Building in Bo, Sierra Leone

Described by Bishop John Pessima as “an eyesore in Bo,” the Secretariat building is the Conference Headquarters Building for the U.B. Conference, used for conference sessions, pastoral training, etc. It is the “face” of the United Brethren in Christ in Sierra Leone. Damaged during the civil war, it is still in disrepair. This is a top priority of the Sierra Leone Conference.

  1. $ 5,000 Rebuild Church in Buchanan, Liberia destroyed by a wind storm Liberia is contiguous to Sierra Leone southeast on the Atlantic Coast of West Africa, and it is our newest Missions District. The churches there have never before received any outside support.

$30,000 TOTAL GOAL