Pastoral Resource Day

Join us on March 27th at 9:00 AM

What to expect:

Dr. Mike Dittman, Director of National Ministries will share with us again, following up on U.B. Connected’s “Neighborhoods” & “Nations” Tour.

This discussion based seminar/workshop will focus on how to evaluate and cultivate:

“Gospel: Spiritually Alive!”
“Unity: Relationally Connected”
“Mission: Missionally Engaged”

The first session will focus on understanding the vision for starting and strengthening churches.
The second session will focus on understanding the strategy for starting and strengthening churches.

1 credit hour (C.E.U) per session will be will be granted to each pastor who attends.

Everyone is invited to lunch at 12:00 PM, after the sessions.

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Special Meeting of our General Membership

This brief meeting will have one item on the agenda, to vote on the proposed new U.B. Association Constitution By-Laws.

Please also review Present Constitution & By-Laws, in force since 2005.

Not sure if you can/should vote? U.B. Association 2017 Members

We encourage you to be physically present if at all possible, but for those who live more than a two hour drive from Rhodes Grove Camp, we offer the availability of an U.B. Association Absentee Ballott. When voting with an absentee ballot, please seal your ballot in an envelop with your name and information written on the outside of the envelope (instead of the ballot itself). This way we can keep track of who has voted and keep the votes anonymous.

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