2019 Profile Updates

It is the time of year when we update our records with current information regarding your church membership to the United Brethren Association and your subscriber information.  This process is necessary as it creates the opportunity to have the most accurate information on file.

These forms have been mailed to the church with January’s invoices. Below are the links to both forms.  Please complete the church profile form and return it to the UB Association office.  Please notice that it is necessary to identify a voting delegate from your church to participate in the annual meetings on the first Sunday evening of each November.  This voting delegate may not be an employee that is a current participant in any of the insurance products because subscribers have an individual vote during the annual session.

Please copy or complete a subscriber profile for all employees that are subscribers to any insurance products.

If a subscriber is enrolled in life insurance, AD&D insurance and/or LTD or STD insurance, you must complete the salary information line.  Remember that the salary line should include the value of the declared housing allowance.

If a subscriber is enrolled in Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, or Vision Insurance you must complete the Dependent Information.

If a subscriber is enrolled in the High Deductible HSA Plan, you must complete the HSA contribution lines.

Also, please review your invoice(s) thoroughly to ensure that the plan choice and age of member is correctly reflected on each invoice. If any changes/corrections need to be made, please contact our office immediately.

All HSA contributions listed on the January invoice, reflect contribution amounts on record.  If there are any changes needed to those contribution amounts, please indicate the change on the invoice before mailing invoice and payment to the UB Association Office.  Please also indicate the contribution plans on the subscriber profile form.

Again, thank you for your prompt attention to all the intricacies of moderating the health insurance options for your pastoral team and your staff.  Please continue to contact our office with any additional questions that you have.

Church Profile Update

Subscriber Profile Update