A Sure Foundation Workshop Update

The new date is Sunday, October 25th, we will be combining the workshop with UB Connected. The tentative schedule is listed below. Be on the lookout for updates and more information!

2 to 5 p.m: “A Sure Foundation” three-hour workshop with Luke Fetters, Joni Michaud, and Anthony Blair.

5 to 6 p.m. : supper

6:00 to 6:so p.m.: Annual Meeting of the U.B. Association.

6:30 to 8:00 p.m.: “U.B. Connected” with Bishop Todd preaching & Communion.

Spring Pastoral Resource Day

These facilitators were members of a task force that studied contemporary controversies and then put forward six written proposals on “Singleness,” “Marriage,”

“Pornography,” “Illicit Sexual Relations,” “Sex and Gender Distinctions,” and “The Local Congregation and Human Sexuality.” At a time when many Christian groups are fracturing over such issues, these six proposals were each adopted with a unanimous vote, strengthening the unity of the denomination. In this workshop, the focus is not on that particular denomination, nor on those specific issues, nor on any specific positions. The thrust of this workshop is on the process of developing group

consensus on controversial issues in a way that keeps us faithful to Scripture and strengthens our unity.

Hear an academic dean, a Christian attorney, and a seminary resident share their experience of leading their denomination through such controversies in a way that resulted in a business session that ended with a spontaneous standing ovation.

This three-hour workshop is free of charge, but seating is limited, and registration is required.

To Register, telephone 717-375-4162 or e-mail ubassociation@rhodesgrove.com

Register online here.

Optional Lunch $12.00: make check payable to Rhodes Grove Camp

Ministry Leadership Resource Day

We are in the final planning stages of March 21, 2020, Ministry Leadership Day.

Dr. Luke Fetters will be our keynote speaker. More information is coming soon, BUT, you can pre-register now by clicking here.

There is NO FEE to attend the training.
Fees listed on the registration form are for meals and lodging only.

Registration opens at 8:30 AM, teaching begins at 9.
Rhodes Grove Camp, 7693 Browns Mill Road, Chambersburg Pa 17202

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at ubassociation@rhodesgrove.com or call 717-375-4162.

See you then!

UB Pastoral Couples Retreat

The 6th Annual Marriage Retreat for United Brethren Pastoral Couples will be held August 12-14, 2019, at Rhodes Grove Camp & Conference Center in Chambersburg, Pa.

Instead of our usual “Marriage Retreat,” this year’s event is more of a “Spiritual Retreat.” Plan to get away for a few days with other pastoral couples, retreat from the daily grind of ministry, and reconnect spiritually.

There is no cost. This three-day, two-night retreat is sponsored in full by the United Brethren National Office, the United Brethren Association for Church Development, and Rhodes Grove Camp.

This retreat is reserved for pastors and spouses serving in United Brethren in Christ churches.

The retreat this year will be guided by Mike Dean, pastor of Living Waters UB church in Winchester, Va.

Download the registration form here.

Ministry Leadership Resource Day

Date: Saturday, May 11th
Time: 9 am – 3 pm
Location: Rhodes Grove Camp & Conference Center.
Address: 7693 Browns Mill Road, Chambersburg, PA 17202

The deadline for registering is May 3.

This year we are welcoming Brotherhood Mutual who will guide the presentation.

Morning Session Topics: 

Top Legal Trends Facing Churches Today
Safety & Security
Medical Preparation and Response
Human Resource Concerns

 Afternoon Session Topics: 

Protecting Ministry Assets
Cyber Security
Public Relations
Government Scrutiny
Religious Liberty

Expect to receive lots of great information applicable to leaders in ALL areas of ministry. Anyone in any leadership position at your church is invited to attend. Please help us to spread the word! There is no cost to attend the seminar. Fees associated with lunch and Sunday night lodging are on the brochure.

Register online at: https://ubassociation.wufoo.com/forms/z1q82uri0o49sei/

To download and print a registration form, click here.

2019 Profile Updates

It is the time of year when we update our records with current information regarding your church membership to the United Brethren Association and your subscriber information.  This process is necessary as it creates the opportunity to have the most accurate information on file.

These forms have been mailed to the church with January’s invoices. Below are the links to both forms.  Please complete the church profile form and return it to the UB Association office.  Please notice that it is necessary to identify a voting delegate from your church to participate in the annual meetings on the first Sunday evening of each November.  This voting delegate may not be an employee that is a current participant in any of the insurance products because subscribers have an individual vote during the annual session.

Please copy or complete a subscriber profile for all employees that are subscribers to any insurance products.

If a subscriber is enrolled in life insurance, AD&D insurance and/or LTD or STD insurance, you must complete the salary information line.  Remember that the salary line should include the value of the declared housing allowance.

If a subscriber is enrolled in Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, or Vision Insurance you must complete the Dependent Information.

If a subscriber is enrolled in the High Deductible HSA Plan, you must complete the HSA contribution lines.

Also, please review your invoice(s) thoroughly to ensure that the plan choice and age of member is correctly reflected on each invoice. If any changes/corrections need to be made, please contact our office immediately.

All HSA contributions listed on the January invoice, reflect contribution amounts on record.  If there are any changes needed to those contribution amounts, please indicate the change on the invoice before mailing invoice and payment to the UB Association Office.  Please also indicate the contribution plans on the subscriber profile form.

Again, thank you for your prompt attention to all the intricacies of moderating the health insurance options for your pastoral team and your staff.  Please continue to contact our office with any additional questions that you have.

Church Profile Update

Subscriber Profile Update

One month left to register…

August 13-15, 2018

Join us for dinner at 5:00 PM on Monday, the first session starts at 6:30 PM.

This 3 day, 2-night marriage retreat is sponsored in full by United Brethren National, the U.B. Association and Rhodes Grove Camp.

Please plan to separate yourselves from the needs of “everyday life” and invest in your marriage. You will not want to miss this NO COST TO YOU opportunity.

This retreat is reserved for pastors serving in United Brethren In Christ churches and their spouses.

Guided by Mike and Yvonne Wentz who have been married 33 years. During that time they have raised 3 boys and were involved in 4 church plants. Presently, they are members of King Street UB Church where they have been and continue to be involved in worship and various leadership roles. Yvonne (M.S. Math Education) is K-12 Math Supervisor in the Chambersburg School District. Mike (M.A. Religion) is retired from Waynesboro Hospital. Ministry and church life have always been significantly influential in shaping their lives, marriage, and children. 


Christian Marriage from the Ground Up God’s unapologetic blueprint for marriage that sustains creation and reveals new creation.


Download the Marriage Retreat Brochure an register today.